Innovating the World of GPOs in the Hospitality Industry Since 2008

After more than a decade as an innovator in the multi-unit restaurant segment for GPOs, we found that solutions were needed for other types of operators as well. In May of 2019 we rebranded ourselves as GPO PROS and formed a long term partnership with Buyers Edge Platform. By partnering with BEP, it enables us to now offer solutions all across the hospitality segment. Not only multi-unit but also independent operators, resorts, casinos, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and more with dedicated GPOs that have a focus and strong understanding of the needs and wants of clients in each of those segments. Additionally, with all of these we offer over 50 Beyond Prime Partner Savings Programs featuring companies like ChefWorks, Directv, Sprint, Specialty Box & Packaging and others. The GPO PROS portfolio also includes additional services like produce management, outsource purchasing services, contract management and a number of technology solutions all of which help our clients in managing their business, understanding their data and ultimately in reducing costs. To learn more please reach out to us today.