The Team

Jason Fialkoff, President

Jason Doren, Vice President

Jacob Fialkoff, Director of Business Development

About Us

Its funny how life happens...

I started CTB Foodservice Consultants back in 2008. It was a time when my family business was feeling the pains of the economy and my brother and I were looking for ways to supplement our income. An opportunity came up that sounded very exciting. It was simple… go to the people that I know in the restaurant business and help them reduce costs in an economy where operators are challenged to make payroll each week. And the great thing about it was it was all at no cost to them! I knew nothing about the foodservice industry but I knew that my relationships and my desire to help would translate to success. The first few calls were a little bit rough but luckily my friends trusted me and gave me the opportunity to help them. I remember trying to calculate on a napkin from the McDonald’s drive-thru how many clients it would take to get to $2500 per month in income. I worked my tail off to get to that number and six months after starting this crazy ride, I received my first monthly commission check for $585.23. I was well on my way to that $2500.

Before too long these friends that believed in me started seeing checks come in the mail and invoice prices go down. They couldn’t believe it. It actually worked! Honestly, I was a bit surprised as well. My phone started ringing and my calendar became more stuffed than a Turkey on Thanksgiving! As my schedule filled up with meetings, my time spent on the family business dwindled and 100% of my energy was focused on building CTB. This little side show to help supplement the family business was becoming a business of its own.  

Now, more than a decade after that fateful day of desperation and hope, CTB has grown its book of business to over 300 clients across the nation representing over 5000 rooftops.  This growth could not have come without the help of Jason Doren who has been working alongside me since we got CTB off the ground.  Thanks also to all of our friends who trusted in us early on.  And now, I am happy to welcome my son Jacob to the team to help us with our next decade of growth as we rebrand our company as GPO PROS and begin servicing all segments of the hospitality industry.

On a side note, I am also very happy to say that our 4th generation family business, Specialty Box & Packaging, is thriving. My little brother, Josh (now over 40 years old), has joined in with my big brother, Eric, to help manage the growth. Though I am not involved in the day to day, I do remain active with our family biz. Our Dad is so proud to have his three sons continuing the family business that started in a similar fashion to CTB.  

We’d love the opportunity to connect and share with you our passion for this industry.  Please be sure to reach out!  

- Jason F